Jesus is Coming,
I Will Go!


If you don’t want to miss a thing during the GC Session, ANN and the Adventist Review are the official sources of information for the Seventh-day Adventist World Church. Each day they will provide you with exciting news and stories throughout our time in St. Louis.  ANN ANN is a product of the communication department…

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Social Media

We are pleased to announce the official Seventh-day Adventist world church is present on FOUR social media platforms in FOUR languages. You can access Seventh-day Adventist official social media platforms in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French right now. Search via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube, or click the links below. English Facebook Instagram  Twitter  YouTube…

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Frequently Asked Questions about the General Conference Session

Why does the Adventist Church hold a business session every 5 years? What is the purpose of the GC Session? General Conference Session is a global spiritual gathering and a constitutionally required business meeting that has been held every five years since 1970. Its purpose is to vote on global leadership, set the direction of…

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The History of the General Conference in Session

What is Session? The General Conference Session is the forum for electing world church officers and voting changes to the church's Constitution. Delegates also hear reports from each of the 13 administrative regions of the church. Voting delegates for Session represent world regions both by church population and the self-sustainability of administrative regions. The Constitution…

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