Applying for GC Session 2025 Music Presentations

Welcome to the 62nd General Conference Session music page!

Music is one of our most cherished expressions of worship and a highlight of every General Conference Session. Featuring the richness, beauty, and variety of music from every culture, GC Session music is a taste of heaven on earth! Seventh-day Adventist musicians from around the world are encouraged to apply here for participation. With this application you will be required to submit a recording of your song for audition. Opening and reading the application form without submitting it is a good way to get your questions answered and learn what information is required. (Note that some questions only appear based on your answer to a previous question.) The deadline for completing the application is March 31, 2024.

Thank you for prayerfully and carefully considering General Conference Session music ministry. The GC Session Music Committee is praying with you!

Apply here