Music Guidelines

Important Dates:

  • Application deadline: December 31, 2018
  • Division selection deadline: March 31, 2019
  • GC Session Music Committee selection deadline: September 30, 2019

Principles and Guidelines

  1. Music is an avenue of communication with God. It “is one of the most effective means of impressing the heart with spiritual truth.” (Ed 168). Therefore, it is an important and integral part of the 2020 GC Session in Indianapolis, Indiana. Through singing and instrumental music, we want to bring glory to God and worship Him. Music at the GC Session is intended to create an uplifting atmosphere, to ennoble and purify our thoughts, to foster our commitment to the Lord, and to effectively influence us in the development of Christ’s character in our life and in that of others.
  2. Music at the GC Session should appeal to both intellect and emotions. It should reveal creativity and be well-balanced. It should be inspiring and educative for the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist church.
  3. In vocal music, the lyrics should stimulate our intellectual abilities as well as our emotions and willpower. Good lyrics are creative, inspiring, and profound. They focus on the positive and reflect moral values. They educate and uplift and should be in harmony with Seventh-day Adventist theology.


  1. The application documents must be completed and submitted on the designated online application site by a musician or a group representative and must include the following:
    • The Application for Musical Performance at the 2020 General Conference Session.
    • A picture of the musician or group of musicians.
    • A Music Selection Form for each song being proposed for performance. Information on this form will be used by the Division you represent, the GC Session Music Committee, as well as other GC Session committees (Platform, A/V Broadcast, Program) to prepare for the performance of the musician(s). Response to each item on this form is necessary. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.
    • A digital recording/MP3 of the audition selection to be considered. (This selection may not be changed after approval.) A minimum of 2 songs and a maximum of five songs may be considered.
    • The digital recording/MP3 performance soundtrack, if a musician is using one.
    • A copy of the lyrics in English, or translated into English, of the song(s) to be considered.
    • A Performance Diagram indicating the typical staging for all musicians/groups for each song.
  1. Live accompaniment is both encouraged and preferred.
  2. ALL copyright forms completely filled out with the appropriate information for the song(s) to be considered so that copyrights and releases may be requested. Incomplete information will not be accepted. Note: When filling out the Music Selection Form, Copyright Form, or Performance Diagram, fill out one page for each song for which you are auditioning.

Selection Guidelines

  1. Applications for Musical Performance may be submitted online only until December 31, 2018, for the Division Music Coordinators to review. The Division Music Coordinators will then set their own dates for the evaluation and acceptance of musicians applying to perform for their divisions and will use the designated online site for musician applications to process their selections. The GC Session Music Committee will access the division-approved musician information beginning March 31, 2019. The Division Music Coordinators will be able to access the designated online site by September 30, 2019, to see which of their musicians were approved for performance by the GC Session Music Committee. They may then notify those musicians of the approval of their applications.
  2. Due to tight scheduling, music longer than 4-5 minutes for solos and small groups may not be accepted. Presentations longer than 6 minutes for choirs, orchestral groups, and large ensembles may not be accepted. The GC Session Music Committee, however, will exercise its discretion during the selection process.
  3. The Division Music Coordinator must first approve each division performer they want to represent their division before the GC Session Music Committee will consider the applicant. After the GC Session Music Committee has selected and approved musicians for performance, applicants must then provide:
    • The Musical Performance Agreement.
    • A signed release form for the purposes of performance, recording, and distribution during and following the GC Session, as well as in subsequent Hope TV program broadcasting or other broadcasting platforms including any and all social media platforms.
  1. The GC Session Music Committee will make all final selections and time slot assignments for the appropriate meeting settings.
  2. Applicants must receive approval by the GC Session Music Committee before expecting to participate.
  3. Letter of Invitation (if needed in order to enter the United States). All authorized musicians approved by the GC Session Music Committee for performance at the GC Session will receive a link to request a Letter of Invitation. Specific information and guidelines are available in the Musician Application Information.

Participant Guidelines

  1. Participants are expected to register onsite at the GC Session Music Office in Indianapolis no later than 24 hours before their scheduled appointment. At the time of registration, practice times may be scheduled. Participants are expected to report to the GC Session Music Office no later than 60 minutes before their performance date and time to be escorted backstage, or they may lose the opportunity to perform. The GC Session Music Committee is not obligated to reassign them.
  2. Music participants are self-funded for all expenses involved with travel, lodging, performance, and all other expenses associated with their participation in the GC Session. Approved musicians, as well as sponsors, family members, and technical personnel, are responsible for all financial aspects related to performing at the GC Session. No funding, meal tickets or provisions for meals, or any remuneration is available from the GC Session Music Committee or from the General Conference for any Division’s recommended musicians performing at the GC Session. All musicians must secure their own funding and provide for all their expenses including meals, transportation, hotels, and any other associated costs. The Division Music Coordinators have been advised of this and understand that all expenses are the responsibility of the musician.
  3. No onsite solicitation by approved musicians or music coordinators –The GC Session Management will not authorize any onsite solicitation by musicians or Division Music Coordinators for assistance with cash, meals, or meal tickets to any individual or GC Session representative at the GC Session. Musicians may not set up their own mini music shows anywhere onsite at the GC Session for the purpose of attracting people to contribute funds, offer assistance, or to sell their music. Official venues have been established for music performance and invitations will be extended to select, authorized musicians. Musicians are free to participate offsite in non-GC Session programs which they have arranged, or to which they have been invited. (See also the Free One-Day Musician Exhibit Table Application information below.)
  4. Each musician/group should be prepared to perform any of the other music selections that they submitted and for which they received approval by the GC Session Music Committee. These selections could be used in cases when the Program Committee requests last-minute replacements or cancellations.
  5. Free One-Day Musician Exhibit Table Application. All authorized musicians approved by the GC Session Music Committee for performance at the GC Session may take advantage of the free, one-day table available to them in the exhibit area. Approved applicants will receive a link where they may request a free one-day exhibit table. This is explained further in the Musician Application Information.

The General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists assumes no responsibility for any claims against infringement by third parties with respect to the reproduction of music or photos submitted by participants.

Participants agree to indemnify and hold harmless the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, its Divisions, Conferences, officers, and employees against and from all claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses asserted by third parties alleging that the reproduction of the music infringes upon a third party’s intellectual property as a direct result of the Participant’s actions or omissions in connection with submitting the music or photographs.