Virtual Exhibition Experience at the GC Session 2022

June 6 - 11, 2022

Registration is now open for exhibitors for the Virtual Exhibition. If you would like to reserve a booth, please contact us at:

Chat Training, May 26, 2022

[email protected]

Uploading Posters to the Virtual Poster Hall, April 14, 2022

NOTE: vFAIRS has confirmed that Posters can be LANDSCAPE & PORTRAIT!

Please visit the Poster Presentation page on this site to learn more about uploading virtual posters.

Exhibitors’ Booth Set Up Training Session May 4, 2022

Exhibitors’ Booth Set Up Training Session March 24, 2022

Please watch the training session from March 24, 2022 if you missed the session or to review the information presented.

Drop-boxes with advertisement posters and images in English, Spanish, French, & Portuguese for download @ HERE & HERE.

GC Session 2022 Program

Please schedule your booth webinars, workshops, sessions during GREEN time slots ONLY.

Booth event details:

  • Advertise booth session using your own social media, email lists, webpages, etc.
    • Send your advertisements to GC Communications department and Virtual Exhibition Team if you would like to extend your marketing
  • Put your booth schedule of events on your booth page (the VX team will be posting a master daily event schedule)
  • Provide ZOOM links for all booth sessions on your booth page
    • You will use your own organizational ZOOM account for all sessions
    • Please start and stop your sessions on time
    • Select a host for each session to ensure things go smoothly (this may include introducing the speaker(s), ensuring ZOOM account functions are working, muting participants, putting people in breakout rooms, wrapping up the session, etc.)
  • ZOOM link plug-in steps (coming soon)

Exhibitors can reach a global audience to share information about their ministry.

Be An Exhibitor at the GC Session Virtual Exhibition Hall

Watch the video below to find out more about the enhanced virtual exhibition platform

What happens at a virtual exhibition? Why should your organization become an exhibitor?

Educating Members
Networking Around the World
Conducting Business

Learn about the key features of the GC Virtual Exhibition platform that will help you connect with members in a variety of unique ways.

Booths and Features

Virtual booths have many features to inform and engage with visitors. Click on the image below to find out more.

Market Place

New this year will be the Market Place, where organizations will be able to display and sell products. This online market is open to all exhibitors and visitors to the virtual exhibition.

Additional Features

New features on the event platform provide a number of ways for exhibitors and visitors to interact, engage and enjoy through games, social media and networking. Click on the image below to find out more about these great features.


Each of the virtual booths will be placed in one of several pavilions along with other exhibitors. Visitors will be able to see all exhibitors and navigate to your booth through these pavilions.

Adventist Collective

The Adventist Collective is a gallery of content from virtual events representing quality presentations from around the world on a variety of topics. The content is curated into feature pages or topic pages, and includes complementary materials to enhance learning.

Content from future virtual events will be housed on the Collective enabling viewers to see presentations after the event is over. Check out the current feature pages!


Hashtags for the GC Virtual Exhibition: