What happens at a virtual exhibition?

What happens at a virtual exhibition? Many of the same activities that you enjoy at a physical exhibition. Foremost it is an opportunity to share your ministry with members from around the world. Exhibitors can meet and build relationships with members, workers and leaders from all corners of our church. Exhibitors can conduct informative seminars, share materials, even conduct business in our virtual market place. Its an opportunity to tell spread the word about what each organization does to share the gospel and how members can get involved.

Watch the original invitation video about the virtual exhibition. The date was changed due to the pandemic, but the opportunity remains the same.

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Digital Booth

We are inviting our exhibitors from the 2020 GC Session Exhibition Hall to participate in the Global Campmeeting.

Exhibitors can to most of the same activities in a digital booth as they can in a physical booth, like networking, raising awareness or promoting products. But this event will offer unique opportunities to engage with many more attendees in many different ways.

Engage with a Global Audience

This event will be open to all our members world wide to engage, to learn, to network and to support the broad range activities conducted by the church and her people.

Webinars and Workshops

Exhibitors are invited to interact with the attendees with interactive sessions, seminars, discussion groups and work shops.

I Will Go: The Adventist Strategic Plan

Focus on “I Will Go” theme

In line with the ‘I Will Go’ initiative, the General Conference invites our members to come learn of the many mission opportunities available. As a global event, it will include people from around the world in many countries and languages.

Hashtag for the GC Virtual Exhibition: