Additional Features

The Virtual Exhibition Experience will include a number of new features that will make the event more engaging, interactive and fun. Here are some of the new features.

Kahoot Games

A variety of Kahoot games will make the event fun for all our guests to enjoy. Exhibitors can sponsor a Kahoot game, provide prizes and advertise to promote their organizations. Exhibitors are responsible for creating all the questions for the game and providing prizes for winners. Kahoot games are free if you have purchased a booth. There will be 4 Kahoot games played per day; event game total – 22 games.

To reserve a game date and time, please email the Virtual Exhibition team @ [email protected]

4 Kahoot games left! Message [email protected] before all the time-slots are spoken for!

Social Media Wall

Visitors will be able to share their experience at the Virtual Exhibition using the Social Media Wall. Using the unique hashtag #GCVX22 will allow posts on FaceBook, Instagram, or Twitter to be shown on the Virtual Exhibition social media wall. Posts will be monitored.

Social Media Wall

Hashtags for the GC Virtual Exhibition:


Photo Booth

A photo booth will be available to take your photo and enter it into a Photo Contest to win prizes.

Exhibitors can purchase one of fifteen photo booth logos to be displayed for attendees to use in the photo booth. The cost of a photo booth logo is $100.00. To reserve one of fifteen logos, please email the Virtual Exhibition team @ [email protected]

Lounge and Networking

Visitors and exhibitors at the event will be able to meet and network in our virtual lounge.

Lounge Event Details:

There are two types of Lounge events; scheduled events (exhibitors may book these) and drop-in open lounge events (anyone can visit the lounge).

  • Scheduled events are for institutions who wish to hold a time specific event for the purposes of alumni gathering, fund-raising, or other type of event.
    • These timeslots are scheduled around GC Session business meetings.
  • Drop-in open lounge timeframes will be available for attendees and/or exhibitors, to drop in and network and chat with others in the lounge. A VX attendee will be available in the lounge during drop-in times to facilitate breakout rooms for different language groups, or private conversations if needed.
    • These timeslots are during GC Session business meetings, or during US Central time night hours. 

Time-slots will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.

Exhibitors must:

  • Register for a specific time-slot in the Lounge, in order to hold a formal meeting.
  • Provide the purpose/title of the meeting (alumni gathering, fund-raising event, etc.).
  • Provide the name of the host who will be the primary contact for this event and who will be in charge of welcoming everyone in the meeting and concluding the event according to the specific timeframe allotted.
  • Select a first, second, and third priority time slot.
  • Identify a contact/host and provide their email address
    • host must be present during the VX Lounge event.

Event ZOOM meeting Specs:

  • Capacity of 500 attendees
  • 1 hour 25 minutes per meeting

Exhibitors will be responsible for:

  • for posting the scheduled Lounge event in their own VX booth
  • marketing this event and providing information about how to join the event to potential attendees

The VX Team will:

  • Provide your ZOOM link in May 2022 (with an invite from the ZOOM platform), prior to the beginning of the VX
  • Provide an event icon in the Lounge on the date of your event for attendees to click on to join the event
  • Start and stop your ZOOM meeting according to the timeframe chosen during the VX

For additional questions, please email the Virtual Exhibition team @ [email protected]