Poster Presentations: Why, What, How, and Benefit to Exhibitors (Exhibitors)

NOTE: vFAIRS has confirmed that Posters can be LANDSCAPE & PORTRAIT!

Watch this video to learn how to upload posters into the VIrtual Exhibition Poster Hall.

Training Video for Uploading Posters to the Poster Hall for the Virtual Exhibition


Jotform Completion

To start the upload process, click on the jotform release form link @

·      Create a jotform account (use Google, Facebook, or email)

·      Your request for access will be processed and you will receive and email prompt

·      Once you have access to the jot form, you will be asked to fill out the following items (perhaps prepare this prior to logging in):

o   Name of Poster Presenter
o   Name of Poster Presentation
o   Job Title, Degrees, and Professional Designations of Presenter
o   Presenter Email
o   5 key words (for searching purposes)
o   Language of Poster Presentation
o   Short Poster Presentation Description
o   Name of Co-Presenters (if apply)
o   Date of Signature
o   Signature
o   List of any content that you are the sole copyright owner of
o   List of any content that you are not the sole copyright owner of but that you have obtained permission to use and to grant the GC to use
o   List of any content that you are not the sole copyright owner of, but that you think qualify as fair use under United States copyright law or are in the public domain

·      Complete and submit the jot form.  You will get an email response and link to upload your poster assets to the vFairs platform.  If you do not get an email response quickly, please expect one by the next business day.
·      Upload poster assets into the vFairs platform

Required Information: Uploading to vFairs Site

Virtual Event Name or URL: Prefilled – no input necessary.
Language of poster: Enter the primary language that the poster is written in, using that language. Add the language in English. example… Español/Spanish or 한국어/Korean
Poster Title: The title/topic that individuals will see when navigating through the list of posters during the event. Keep it short and topic focused.
Your Name: The name of the poster presenter.
Your Email Address: The email address of the poster presenter.
·       Handout: The handout is an optional PDF that you can submit in addition to your poster. The handout may include a summary of the poster, a report of the research stud Handout Title: (Optional) The title of your handout – this should indicate what the handout is.
Description: The abstract should be under 400 words.
Poster Thumbnail: A representative image of your poster, this can be one of your figures, or perhaps a microscopy image representing your work. Thumbnail Dimensions: (Optional) 240×360; Resolution > 150 DPI
Poster URL: PDF your virtual poster
Poster Dimensions: 36” x 48” .pdf file with resolution of 300 dpi.
Collateral Video URL: (Optional) Link to a video of your poster presentation (5-15 minute limit). You are responsible for posting this video online through YouTube or Vimeo and pasting the link.
Keywords: Please use the topic that you submitted your abstract under.
·       Discipleship & Mentorship
·       Education
·       Health & Wellness
·       Leadership & Management
·       Mission & Outreach
·       Theology & Spiritual Life
Designing for Accessibility
·       Poster presentations are highly visual, and people who are visually impaired can understand them more easily if you create your poster with accessibility in mind. Some general tips are included below.
·       Background and foreground colors should offer good contrast for people with low vision. Red/yellow, red/green, and red/black are particularly difficult to distinguish and should not be used as background/foreground combination. White text on a deep blue background or black text on a white background are better combinations.
·       Text over a photo or image background is very difficult to read. If you must use a background image, decrease the brightness, and increase the opacity.
·       VFairs is committed to accessibility. Read more @

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact:

Poster Development – Upload Process

  • Develop poster – convert to PDF (put all links as hyperlinks in Bibliography)
    • Record video presentation (optional)
    • Create PDF research report document (optional)
  • Submit ALL required content as outlined
  • Provide primary investigator contact information: email & phone
  • Revisions as necessary – if first submission is not approved
  • Determine if presenter(s) will be answering posted text questions and if you want Q & A moderated
    • Moderated Q & A: A text-based option for attendees. Presenters will see ALL questions, while attendees will only see the question they posted. Presenters can log into Q & A daily or multiple times per day to type in answers to questions posted by attendees. If your booth has scheduled poster presentations, presenters should be available to answer questions during presentations.
  • You are responsible for uploading all posters and assets into the event site


  • Engage with attendees one-on-one on topics of common interest
  • A great way to disseminate new work
  • The research may be a strong supplement to the exhibition booth content
  • Creates opportunity for networking
  • Presents a lot of information in an image
  • Available 24/7 (unlike a regular live seminar)
  • Opportunity to engage in real time with attendees during Q & A
  • Provides opportunity for potential future collaborative research across entities
  • Potentially reduce duplication of research and funds spent across the global denomination
  • Demonstrates a ‘learning culture’ within the Adventist denomination


  • A Poster Presentation helps you advertise anything you want to, but is often used to present research or innovations
    • Poster Presentation – the visual presentation of research or new initiatives
    • Poster Session – a live event where the researcher(s) present poster content and facilitate Q & A
    • Each booth comes with a designated amount of posters. Additional posters cost $50.00/poster. Posters are due by April 30th, 2022.

Poster Examples – vFairs platform


  • How to make a poster 101
  • Define the purpose of your Poster Presentation
  • Organize the content
  • Create an interesting title – this is the ‘hook’ (include key words for search capacity)
  • Format poster content on poster template – pay close attention to spelling, grammar, & punctuation
  • Use 16 font or bigger to make it easy to read – and keep it simple!
  • Reference your work, use free images if possible, and avoid plagiarism
    • Bibliography may contain references, additional video hyperlinks, presenter biography link, links to online documents
  • Record a short video presentation of your content, to embed in the virtual poster platform
  • Create a downloadable document or executive summary (optional)
  • ‘Sell’ your work in a short time
  • Remember that the ‘impact’ of the poster lasts well beyond a poster session or poster view (attendees have the option to download)

Poster Elements

  • PDF Poster with Bibliography
  • Link to video presentation
  • Optional – 1 additional downloadable document (research report document)

Poster Examples

Check out the pastoral health poster example!

Check out the Lazarus taxa poster example!

YouTube Video Tutorials – Building Posters

Poster Presentations – Overview (4:01)

Making a Better Research Poster in Power Point (3:53)

Making an Academic Poster with Google Slides (10:49)

Click on video to watch
Click on video to watch
Click on video to watch


  • Increased global networking – creates an opportunity for connections between attendees, topic experts, and organizations
  • Enhanced content – a virtual poster presentation includes embedded video, a downloadable PDF, and Q & A (unlike a live poster presentation)
  • Broadened & Diversified Reach – attendees and researchers/innovators can connect across the globe potentially creating more opportunity for contrasting ideas and points of view, which enriches everyone involved.
  • Low Cost & Accessibility – Digital posters are much more cost effective than getting one printed. In addition, presenters don’t have to absorb transportation, lodging, and food expenses.
  • Flexibility – increases ability to present content across time zone (no room booking restraints)
  • Scalability – a virtual exhibition poster hall doesn’t have physical limitations which allows many posters and interactions with hundreds of attendees.
  • Eco-friendly – Virtual events have a much smaller carbon footprint than in-person events. A virtual poster presentation is a way towards a healthier planet!

Hashtag for the GC Virtual Exhibition: #GCVX22 & #GCVIRTUALEXHIBITION2022


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